Danger and magic on the dusty trail

When Cody Switch turned eight, his Pa slapped a six-shooter in his hand. Yer old enough to work, he said.

Now thirteen, Cody’s stomach still churns when the hammer of his shotgun clicks open. As twitchy horses kick clouds of dust from the road. As Pa barks orders at a stage coach driver and his frightened passengers.

Cody doesn’t think his mother, who died as he was born, would like the things he does. And it doesn’t seem fair to steal what someone else worked hard to earn. But Pa isn’t going to change his ways, and Cody isn’t fool enough to cross him. Besides, Pa is his only family.

So Cody lives as an outlaw.

Then a stage coach robbery goes wrong and Pa leaves Cody to face the law. That’s when he knows for certain that his father doesn’t care about him.

Cody heads west, carrying a crumpled map lifted during the stage coach robbery. But he’s not the only one who wants it.

To earn his freedom, Cody will have to outrun the dangerous tycoon Tyrus King and his hired guns, escape the mythic tribes that roam the plains, and face Pa. Along the way, he’ll need to decide who to trust, find the magic within himself, and learn to believe that he’s more than the outlaw Pa raised him to be.


Wild West Day

Jack & Allie’s Children’s Bookstore in Vernon, CT

Root Beer and Cupcakes at the Old Watering Hole

Who doesn’t like good sweets and good reads?

Signing Books

I can sign books all day and my hand doesn’t even get tired. Funny how that works.

Fun at the Lego Station

The kids built awesome Legos, including a bank hold-up scene!

Reader Comments from Around the Web

Lori B.

“I loved the story and characters. Set in the wild west. A delightful book.”


“I would certainly recommend this book to parents of tweens or anyone else who might be interested in a good, easy-to-read, original story.”

Dana V.

“The El Dorado Map was the perfect read for my 11 year old son. The story was adventure with a bit of mystery and he just wanted to know how things were going to turn out.”

Grumpy Griffon

“The Eldorado Map delivers a reading adventure brimming with grit and brio, a tall tale of the Old West tinged with magical realism.”